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November 17, 1930

So what’s this all about then? Well, the idea of this website started off as a joke. The entire site, down to its subtitles and calls to action are puns on famous mathematicians who made real the idea of an algorithm, from Emil Post, to Alonzo Church and Alan Turing, to Kurt Gödel.

There is of course the second level of punnery. In OCaml, the string conversion functions between types have a pattern that looks something like this: string_of_int. Church_of_Turing seems to be a decent play on that. But of course, in explaining this joke, the frog has been dissected.

For now, the plan is to have a set of semi-regular blog Posts (har har, geddit?) on computation and what makes the notion of computation interesting. Along the way we may have other topics, ranging from fundamentals of mathematics to category theory.

Mind, the Church of Turing isn’t a Temple of Functional Programming, nor is it a Altar of Tape. We do not take sides. We compute. And one form of computation is as good as another.

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